Diesel Reefers

Taking the Heat Off Your Business

Refrigerated Diesel Trailer Rental

Portabull Storage rents diesel reefers to companies that do not have the electrical systems required to run an electric reefer. Diesel reefers are used primarily for portable cold storage during emergencies (e.g., during a power loss) and to meet short-term, on-site cooling needs (e.g., during remodeling or seasonal peaks).

Portabull Storage diesel reefers are rented to various types of customers, including those who own or operate food service companies, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses and distributorships, governments and municipalities, and festival and event companies.

Portabull Diesel Reefer Features

While diesel cold storage units have some drawbacks vs. electric reefers (e.g. the need for constant refueling), they remain a reliable and sometimes necessary alternative for facilities that lack the power system to support an electric reefer. They are also invaluable during emergency response situations where loss of power becomes a major issue.

When you rent quality refrigerated diesel units from Portabull Storage, you get:

  • Painted, publicly presentable equipment
  • GPS tracking capabilities with each unit
  • Secure swing and roll-up door options
  • Ability to operate dock-height storage applications
  • 53’ units with air or spring ride suspension
  • Two-tank option that reduces fueling frequency
  • Flexible rental plans
  • 24/7 service support

On-site solution ... On-time delivery ... On call 24/7!