Cold Storage Capacity

Cold Storage Container – Pallet Capacity

1) Pallet Sizing

  • Pallets come in varying sizes based on industry, jurisdiction, etc.
  • Approximately 30% of pallets used in the U.S. are GMA standard 48”x40” and can typically hold up to 4,600 lbs.
  • After the GMA pallets, the most common pallet dimensions are 42”x42” and 48”x48”.

2) Efficient Pallet Layout

  • Below are the most efficient pallet layouts based on the 48”x40” pallet

20’ Reefer Container Pallet Layout
Nine Total 48”x40” Pallets

40’ Reefer Container Pallet Layout
Twenty Total 48”x40” Pallets

3) Container Loading Procedures

  • Maintain good clearance between the walls and ceilings so that airflow is not restricted
  • 2” gaps between the side walls of the reefer and merchandise
  • 12” of clearance from the ceiling
  • 6”-12” of space after the merchandise and the rear doors
  • Merchandise should be evenly distributed throughout the container

Exhibit A – Proper Load Distribution & Spacing