Commercial Bulk Food Storage Containers For Grocers

Cold Storage for Grocers

Keeping perishables fresh is crucial for grocery stores. However, they don’t always have the cold storage capacity they need, especially during holidays and other high-demand periods or even in a power outage. This is why so many choose Portabull Storage to provide them with commercial bulk food storage containers to keep produce, frozen foods and other items in a climate-controlled environment. Whether your store needs short- or long-term bulk food storage containers — for refrigeration between 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit or freezing capacity at 0 degrees — we have the solutions to help you avoid waste and offer more for your customers.

Technology to Meet Your Needs

Our bulk food storage solutions come equipped with a range of features to help make keeping items fresh easier and more convenient for you. These include ground-level and dock-level options to facilitate loading and unloading. These dry food storage containers also include telematics and GPS technology so you can monitor their temperature remotely or track their locations.

Why Work With Portabull Storage?

We’re experienced in serving the needs of multiple industries, so we understand the unique requirements grocers have when it comes to dry food storage. Our bulk food containers also come with our complete 24/7 support, so you can have peace of mind knowing we have your back. We have an extensive selection of portable storage rental options to suit your needs. To learn more about what we have to offer, request a quote today.

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