Flexible, Affordable Meat Freezer Containers for Butchers and Meat Processors

Save on operating costs with temporary on-site cold storage and meat containers that preserve your inventory and make life easier.

Butchers and meat processors must have reliable cold storage for meat:

Fast delivery and prompt logistics
Add units when you need and return them when you don't

Cool, chill, or freeze
Single- or three-phase power enables temps down to -20F

No extra cost for maintenance
All repairs and services are included in your regular rent

100% Leak-free guarantee
Never fear prematurely spoiled inventory again

Reserve now, pay later
Save a unit today and don't pay until it's on-site

Portabull leases the best freezers for meat storage

Butchers and meat processors use Portabull electric refrigerated containers and hybrid-powered refrigerated trailers to easily add cold storage capacity for their businesses. These portable walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers are more efficient and affordable than diesel reefer trailers and freezer trucks. Plus, our temporary cold storage units are available in ground-level and dock-level options for additional flexibility.

Fully-featured cold rooms for meat storage, available today

Temporary on-site cold storage containers and trailers from Portabull Cold Storage are advanced units that cost less to run and produce less waste than traditional diesel refrigerated truck rentals. Available with cutting-edge GPS tracking and remote temperature monitoring technology, the Portabull fleet is built from the ground up to provide butchers and meat processors greater peace of mind than normal refrigerated trailers.


Portabull takes the hassle and headache out of meat cold storage:

Guided site preparation
Our team will provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your site for a unit, including space and electrical requirements.

Tax deductible expense
On-site electric cold storage container rental expenses are essential operating costs for your business, and they are tax deductible.

Nationwide availability
Wherever you are and however many electric commercial refrigerators you need, you can rely on our national coverage and deep service infrastructure.

We make commercial refrigerator rentals easier for you and your business

Fast delivery options, professional site preparation guidance, included logistics, and 24/7 expert support: these benefits and more make Portabull Cold Storage the easiest company you will ever work with. We provide flexible, reliable refrigeration solutions so you can thrive.


10ft Walk-In Electric Cold Storage Container

If your site is small, crowded, or both, take advantage of the ultimate portability of these 10' portable walk-in freezers, which can fit almost anywhere while storing plenty of inventory.

53ft Hybrid-Powered Refrigerated Trailer

For the ultimate in storage space and flexible power capabilities, try our hybrid 53' refrigerated trailers. Able to park at loading docks, these units provide the most capacity while minimizing costs.

10ft, 20ft, and 40ft Electric Unit Features:

Portable yet spacious designs
Able to fit easily on most sites

Flat- or t-floor interiors
Capacities up to 20 pallets

Flexible configurations
Dock- and ground-level options available

Wide temperature setpoint range
-20F to +85F so you can cool, chill, or freeze

53ft Hybrid Refrigerated Trailer Features:

Maximum storage
The biggest units we provide

Flexible operation
Hybrid design for electric or diesel power

Made for docks
Easily add storage space at your loading dock

Wide temperature setpoint range
-20F to +85F so you can cool, chill, or freeze

Cold storage is Portabull's specialty

  • Transparent pricing and no hidden fees
  • All maintenance costs included with rent
  • 24/7 live support
  • Single-source national vendor
  • America’s largest fleet of electric- and hybrid-powered solutions
  • Available tracking and remote monitoring tech
  • More flexible, affordable solution than permanent storage
  • No trucks or trailers required

Portabull Cold Storage is the secret weapon for butchers and meat processors

Temporary on-site cold storage gives your meat processing business the flexibility to add (and subtract) capacity as you need it. No need for costly permanent upgrades that would change your site’s footprint. Instead, use Portabull to deliver extra cold storage units you can use as walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers for a wide range of purposes.

Portabull helps keep food safe

Improve food safety

Every Portabull unit features a 100% leak-free guarantee

Portabull units keep meat fresh

Keep inventory fresh

Place our portable units on-site for ultimate convenience

Portabull units work quickly

Freeze products quickly

High-performance coolers stop formation of damaging crystals

Portabull is your cold storage expert

Long-term storage

Extend the shelf-life of your inventory and sell more product

Chick-fil-a, Walmart, HEB, and more work with Portabull

Meat freezer containers that perform reliably and operate affordably

For deer and meat processors, the best cold storage for meat products comes from the advanced fleet at Portabull. Our temperature-controlled containers and refrigerated trailers are cooled by powerful Carrier® compressors, giving you the ability to quickly freeze meat and avoid damaging ice crystals. With a wide temperature range — from -20F to +85F — our cold storage units are perfect for every stage of the meat processing workflow.

You can easily place any of our units at most sites thanks to their portability, flexibility, and convenient power options. Choose from 10′, 20′, and 40′ walk-in containers, as well as 53′ hybrid-powered refrigerated trailers. With these units on-site, you can keep inventory close at-hand at all times, and easily add (or subtract) capacity based on supply and demand. Your business can be both more nimble and more profitable using Portabull electric- and hybrid-powered cold storage solutions.

Thanks to advanced technology, efficient power, and operational flexibility, you can use Portabull Cold Storage electric on-site units to reduce waste, save costs, and increase revenue. You won’t find that combination in any other cold storage “solution” like diesel-powered reefer trailer rentals or off-site cold storage warehouses. Instead, rely on Portabull for the meat freezer containers that outperform every other option on the market today.

"The school district and the kitchen are really happy [with Portabull]. It's so easy to walk out and get the product."

Alrick Barrett, Maintenance Manager

Butcher freezers and butcher refrigerators you can count on

Whether your butcher shop needs expanded cold storage capacity to keep up with customer demand, or if you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative to traditional diesel-powered cold storage or cold rooms for meat storage, Portabull leases and services many types of walk-in refrigerators for butchery. 

Our 10′, 20′, and 40′ electric-powered cold storage containers come in ground-level and dock-level options, making it easy to place them anywhere at any site. You can keep your sensitive inventory safely nearby and under the strictest control. If you need even more storage, our 53′ hybrid-powered refrigerated trailers are also available. Either way you go, you’ll have the cooling capability (down to -20F) to keep poultry, beef, pork, and fish meat products at the ideal temperature.

By upgrading to America’s leading temporary on-site cold storage solution, butchers can not only keep more inventory fresher, safer, and easier to access, but also save on operational costs. With Portabull at your side, you’ve unlocked the path to lower costs and increased revenue all by making one simple switch.

Why Should You Choose Portabull Cold Storage?

When you need temporary on-site cold storage, choose the portable solution that makes your business stronger. Portabull Cold Storage leases electric temperature-controlled commercial refrigerators and walk-in freezers that are advanced, reliable, and affordable. Our units keep meat safe and fresh, and every container in our fleet is supported by 24/7 expert service. Let Portabull turn your cold storage from a “cost” to a strength.