Frozen Meat Cold Storage Solutions

At Portabull, we understand as distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers; you must have enough reliable temperature-controlled space to safely store your inventory in order to prevent spoilage and foodborne illnesses.  Give yourself peace of mind knowing you’re partnering with the experts in cold rooms for meat storage. We have the solutions you need and the experts on-call  to set your business up for success.

“The school district and the kitchen are really happy [with Portabull]. It’s so easy to walk out and get the product.” Alrick Barrett, Maintenance Manager

Flexible Cold Storage for Meat Products

Our refrigerated trailers come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They are equipped with:

  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Precision climate control
  • Temp range: -22F to +85F
  • Quickly freeze meet at –10F
  • Keep meat frozen at 0F
  • GPS tracking 
  • Choice of smooth or ribbed floors
  • Interior lights
  • Easy-open doors
  • Emergency safety releases & alarm system

These features make them ideal for the cold storage of meats, including seafood, poultry and specialty dry-aged meats. The array of trailers we offer makes Portabull the industry’s preferred partner for cold storage needs.

Why Choose Portabull Storage?

 At Portabull, we help businesses in the meat industry scale for growth or meet seasonal demand and offer 24/7 support so you’re always up and running.  We have all your rental options covered. Call us at 800-211-7051 or fill out a short Request a Quote form. Our experts will take from there. We’ll talk through your questions, determine the correct specs for your specific usage, and deliver your unit on-site. Contact us now and see why our service is unmatched.

On-site solution ... On-time delivery ... On call 24/7!