On-site Refrigerated Storage
Trucks For Breweries

At Portabull, we understand the brewing process requires keeping ingredients at the right temperature to ensure the quality of your finished products. Depending on the type of beer you’re brewing, we know you’ll want to maintain specific temperatures for lagering or for fermentation, and at Portbaull, our electric cold storage containers can sustain temperature ranges anywhere from –20F to +85F, and we include a leak-free guarantee on all units.

Portabull Cold Storage provides on-site refrigerated trucks for breweries to use as temperature-controlled storage. Our brewery storage options include refrigerated trailers for storing grains to keep them fresh, and units that can be used as beer walk-in coolers. No matter what the situation calls for, we have the climate-controlled brewery coolers needed to meet your needs, and the precise temperature control to ensure every batch and pint is perfect.

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Helping Breweries Keep Their Cool

Our portable refrigerated units come in a variety of sizes and configurations for breweries, and we can tailor our energy efficient fleet to your operation. Whether you need brewing grain storage, a commercial-grade walk-in for kegs, or an electric cold storage container for off-site events, our equipment ensures quality control and the safety of your product.

  • -20 – +85F temperature range
  • Telematics to show real-time data about the location and temperature of each unit
  • Multiple unit sizes with sleek design and minimal branding
  • Interior lights
  • Easy-open doors
  • Emergency safety releases and alarm system
  • Leak-free guarantee
  • Eco-friendly
  • 24/7 support

Choose Portabull Storage

Portabull Storage serves clients across multiple sectors, providing the technology needed to address any cold storage needs. We also stand behind our electric reefers with 24/7 support. Our extensive array of rental options means companies are sure to find what they need when partnering with us. Reach out and speak with our experts today or request a quote.

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