Advanced Temporary On-Site Cold Storage & Cool-Down Rooms Helping you protect your vital inventory and people

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What Do We Have in Store for You?

Industry best technology, unmatched customer service with 24/7 support, and high-quality reefer cold storage containers at an affordable price!

Temporary On-Site, Technology-Enabled Cold Storage Solutions

Portabull Storage has temporary on-site refrigeration and freezer containers available nationwide. We provide electric cold storage containers with monitoring and tracking technology to some of the nation’s largest companies, your neighborhood grocery store, or local florist. See more industries served here.

Unlike other companies, cold storage isn’t a “specialty product” for us; it’s simply our specialty.

Our on-site cold-storage containers simplify your job and make serving your customers easier:

  • Unmatched customer service: We’ll handle all the maintenance and have a 24/7 support line where a live expert will always answer 
  • Easy delivery and pickup: Our electric temperature-controlled storage containers come to you, and we pick them up when you’re ready
  • Your product stays close, where you need it: Portabull eliminates the need for an off-site cold storage warehouse
  • Can’t increase your site footprint?: You don’t need to invest in permanent expansion with Portabull’s temporary refrigerated storage
  • Protect your goods: All electric containers have a leak-free guarantee and feature state-of-the-art compressor technology from Carrier®, giving you excellent airflow and automatic defrosting
  • Track your product: Monitor your unit’s location and temperature remotely
  • Cost savings: Save up to 70% compared to diesel cold storage containers
  • Environmental impact: Reach your sustainability goals faster and reduce your carbon footprint. Our electric units produce zero emissions
  • Plan for the future: Prepare for seasonal surges or scale for growth
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Advanced, Durable Cold Storage with Unmatched Customer Service

Our goal is to be the easiest company you do business with

  • Sleek design, professional paint, and minimal branding will make your unit look great on-site
  • Industry-specific technology for monitoring and protection
  • Lower-cost and eco-friendly electric solutions
  • Leak-free guarantee for all units
  • Multiple sizes for the perfect electric cold storage solution

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