Electric Reefer Unit Rentals

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Electric Cold Storage Containers

Electric Refrigerated Container Rental

Portabull Storage offers the highest-quality electric reefer container rentals in the industry. Electric reefers provide temperature-controlled storage for temporary cold/climate-controlled storage during seasonal inventory peaks, construction & remodeling projects, catered events, emergency response needs, and portable warehousing — at a lower cost than diesel reefers.

Among our customers are owners and operators of grocery stores, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, large institutions, food distributors and florists throughout the contiguous 48 states. With refrigerated container rentals available in multiple sizes, Portabull Storage has a unit to meet your specific temperature-sensitive storage needs. Whether you need a 20-ft. reefer container or a 40-ft. reefer container, we have you covered.

Check out requirements for our electrical units here.

Reliable, High-Performance Reefer Units

Built with reliable, state-of-the-art Carrier® compressor technology, our electric reefer units use a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, provide improved airflow & automatic defrosting, and have a lighter motor coupled with an optimized fan for efficient operation.

Portabull Electric Reefer Features

Renting an electric reefer trailer unit from Portable Storage provides many advantages, including:

  • Significant operating cost savings of up to 70% vs. diesel
  • Easy maintenance and no refueling
  • Fewer negative environmental impacts vs. diesel
  • Standard and high-cube options
  • Choice of 20-ft. refrigerated container or 40-ft. refrigerated container lengths
  • Ground and on-chassis, dock-level options
  • Secure swing and roll-up door options
  • Wide temperature range (from -22˚F to +85˚F)
  • Telematics technology for temperature monitoring
  • Painted and publicly presentable units
  • Flexible rental plans
  • 24/7 service support

Electrical Reefer Requirements

Click here for a complete list of what is delivered with your electric freezer or refrigerated storage container and what requirements are needed on-site before delivery. Don’t worry; we make it easy!

On-site solution ... On-time delivery ... On call 24/7!