Refrigerated Farmers’ Market Storage

At Portabull, we know cold storage is crucial for farmer’s markets, and often onsite options are limited. We provide flexible solutions so you can distribute the freshest, locally sourced goods to your customers. Imagine not increasing your permanent footprint to facilitate cold storage and providing farmers with safer alternatives to portable coolers, which may not meet the USDA Farmer’s Market Rules and Operating Guidelines.

Many consumers prefer farmer’s market produce to a grocer because they know it’s local, and the time it takes to reach their tables is significantly reduced. When you use Portabull electric units, you ensure the proper storage of produce so that nutritional value and taste are uncompromised.

A study on consumer attitudes and behaviors toward locally grown foods and farmer’s markets showed that more than half of respondents listed food quality, safety from foodborne illnesses, and supporting their local farmers as the most important reasons they visited farmer’s markets. Consumers trust farmer’s markets, their local farmers, and assume that the goods sold will be fresh, healthy, and safe. Portabull Cold Storage units are designed for farmer’s markets to build and maintain their customer’s trust in the quality and safety of perishable food.

Having temperature-controlled farmers’ market storage not only maintains the quality of products but also allows a centralized, onsite place for farmers to store their goods, providing convenience and reducing costs associated with frequent transportation. Other benefits that come from portable refrigerators for farmer’s markets include:

  • Reducing storage & distribution stress in getting from farm to table
  • Providing flexible solutions that don’t increase your permanent site footprint
  • Reducing post-harvest losses
  • Lessening food waste that would otherwise end up in landfill and reducing greenhouse gases from food decomposition
  • Slowing fruit and vegetable deterioration by maintaining your desired temperature range
  • Allowing farmers to display a smaller amount of product in their stalls and keep the majority of goods in a cold storage container to reduce loss of quality

Our Offerings

We offer a wide variety of electric portable freezers for farmers’ markets in various sizes that can be tailored to your specific needs. Because our storage for farmers’ markets operates on electricity, these units are both cost-effective and efficient. Our farmers’ market coolers include features such as:

  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Ground and dock-level loading options
  • Secure swing or roll-up doors
  • Smooth or grooved flooring
  • -20 – +85F temperature range
  • Leak-free guarantee
  • 24/7 support

Why Choose Portabull Storage?

Our farmers’ market self-storage options are easy to use and designed for your business. We provide full 24/7 support for all the electric reefer units we offer, and they can be deployed virtually anywhere nationwide. We supply rental units for a wide range of industries, so our experts know exactly what it takes to make your operation run smoothly. Call us today or request a quote now.

Learn more about how Portabull can simplify your job and why we’re the nation’s leading portable electric cold storage provider here.