Industries Served

Are You in the Market for a Storage Solution?

Storage Containers for Diverse Industries

Among the industries we serve are:

  • Grocers and grocery chains
  • Food and beverage distributors
  • Food manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Catering services
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Florists
  • Construction companies
  • Hotels
  • Event hosts
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Chemical supply companies
  • Meat packers and processors
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Ice companies
  • … and many more!

Storage Containers for a Range of Needs

Do you have a temporary storage problem? We have the solution! Whether you’re looking for retail store product storage solutions, hospital storage solutions, cold storage for grocery delivery, a construction site storage container, a refrigerated storage container or an interim office space, Portabull Storage is the distributor of storage units that meet your needs. Events frequently use our units for entertainment storage, and we’re also adept at providing cold storage for a bakery or florist to protect temperature-sensitive products. 

Portabull Storage is here to help when your business or organization:

  • Needs a temperature-controlled unit during an emergency
  • Lacks sufficient storage space for seasonal inventory
  • Requires additional cold storage for catering or any reason
  • Undertakes a cooler/freezer or kitchen remodel
  • Outgrows its current office and/or storage space

On-site solution ... On-time delivery ... On call 24/7!