Cool-Down Rooms

Rise Above High Temps and Heat-Related Productivity Loss with Cutting-Edge Cooler Rooms Designed for People.

How do you protect workers from heat stress and maintain productivity safely? A study on occupational heat stress showed that productivity slumps by about 25% when temperatures reach 90F and 70% when the temperature exceeds 100F. At Portabull, we know workplace heat safety is one of your top concerns, but how do you protect employees and maintain productivity when your workers are experiencing heat stress?

Portabull designed the industry’s first cooler room for people, and it’s a serious upgrade from things like oilfield cooling trailers, misting tents, and other more make-shift solutions.

Traditional cool-down trailers are often simple open trailers with cool-down fans or portable AC units attached, and they cannot reach and maintain a specific temperature range. You can bid farewell to your out-of-date cooling method and promote workplace heat safety with us.

"Portabull's Cooler Room solution is superior in design to other alternatives. It has been critical to the success and safety of our workforce at the terminal."

Ross Stevenson, CEO of Rockport Terminals

Key Features of Portabull Cooler Rooms

As global temperatures continue to rise, traditional methods to keep the labor force cool just don’t cut it anymore. As a result, the loss of labor due to heat exposure costs the US economy more than $100 billion, and heat-related productivity loss is projected to continue growing. Keep your people safe and comfortable with a Portabull Cooler Room.

  • Built-in collapsible benches
  • Separate entry and exit doors
  • Three installed windows
  • Emergency alarms
  • Interior lighting
  • Glow-in-the-dark safety handles
  • 40ft: W 8′ X H 9’6″ X L 40′
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Portable, temporary units with short or long-term leasing options
  • Electric units
    • No tanks, water supply, refills, or drains needed
    • Ability to run on a 15 KVA generator
  • 24/7 Support
  • On-site delivery and pickup

Who Can Benefit from a Walk-in Chiller Room?

So many businesses and industries rely on effective cooling to keep their employees comfortable and safe. Our chiller room systems keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly and are perfect for:

  • Oilfields
  • Refineries – Portable units can be placed outside of blast zone
  • Sports teams
  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Agricultural workers

The Impact of Extreme Heat on Human Health

In addition to the toll on global economics, heat is a considerable threat to human health. According to OSHA, between 1992 and 2017, heat stress injuries killed 815 U.S. laborers and seriously injured more than 70,000. A case study from NIOSH reported that a 41-year-old construction worker working in 93F heat collapsed with a recorded body temperature of 108F and died one day after being admitted to the hospital.

Portabull can help protect those at risk for heat stress with our portable cool down trailers or cooler boxes. We know employee safety is a huge concern for your company, so we have purpose-built our walk-in cooler rooms for your employees’ safety. Don’t fall victim to rising occupational heat-related injuries, deaths, and lost productivity.

Preventing Heat Stress in the Workplace

Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and other illnesses related to excessive heat exposure are serious concerns. In addition to utilizing a Portabull cooler room, there are numerous ways to prevent heat stress from affecting your workers:

  • Learn to recognize the signs of heat stress
  • Equip workers with appropriate gear and attire
  • Stay hydrated
  • Monitor weather conditions and prepare for extreme heat
  • Allow gradual heat acclimation
  • Schedule regular breaks in cool areas
  • Educate employees on the dangers of heat exhaustion and leading prevention methods

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Partnering With Portabull

Why choose Portabull? With us at your side, you get a partner dedicated to helping you meet occupational heat stress guidelines and a solution to your workplace heat safety concerns. We won’t let the heat hinder your productivity. Our cool-down rooms can help keep your workforce safe, comfortable, and operating at peak efficiency.

Of course, there’s more to Portabull than our walk-in cooler rooms. Our specialists ensure your experience is second to none from start to finish. We’ll help pinpoint the precise specs needed for your application and answer any questions you have along the way. Then, on delivery day, we’ll make certain the transport of your cooler room to your site goes seamlessly.

Plus, you gain the advantage of our hassle-free services. We provide a swift, reliable delivery and pickup experience, round-the-clock support, and personalized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

On-site solution ... On-time delivery ... On call 24/7!