Why Choose Portabull

When you partner with Portabull, you access industry experts that will simplify your job and find the perfect cold storage solution for you. From speccing out your unit and ensuring your site is prepped for uncomplicated delivery, to 24/7 service, Portabull’s goal is to be the easiest company your business works with.

Across industries, we’re the nation’s leading portable electric cold storage provider. It’s our sole focus. We have the largest electric fleet covering the full spectrum of power types, sizes, and capabilities constructed with an emphasis on durability and sustainability, tech-enablement, and performance, so no matter your industry or need, we have you covered.

Sleek design, professional paint, and minimal branding also mean your cold storage container will look great wherever you keep it on-site.

The Portabull Service Advantage

At Portabull, our sales and operations managers are with you every step of the way, ensuring the process is as easy and stress-free as possible.

  • We build a robust operations infrastructure before entering any geography so service technicians can be quickly dispatched if needed
  • It’s rare, but if you encounter an issue with your electric cold storage container, you can call us any time, day or night
    • While other companies may have a 24-hour service line, at Portabull, you will always talk to a live person and never have to leave a message
  • We can consult with your electrician to ensure you have the correct electrical setup or update your current configuration
  • Delivery and pickup are fast and reliable
  • Tracking and remote monitoring allows you always know your unit’s location and the temperature inside the container

We’re really happy with Portabull, especially with the delivery drivers; they went above and beyond

- Robert O’Neil, Maintenance & Operation Director

The Portabull Fleet

Durability & Sustainability

  • Based on national averages, when our units replace diesel trailer storage units, our customers experience cost savings of ~63% and a reduction in CO2 emissions of ~70%. See how much you could save here.
  • Portabull electric cold storage units are built for unmatched consistency in performance
  • No matter what you are storing, Portabull cold storage containers are designed to be tough and sustainable
    • Portabull uses steel containers rather than fiberglass, panel construction, or a separate refrigeration component tacked onto a unit
    • Other constructs will pose structural integrity issues, difficulty holding temperature, a rise in cost and energy consumption, and increased risk of product loss
    • Our double-wall insulated steel configuration is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and will maintain your desired temperature range
  • The Portabull temperature range is -20F to 85F
    • Refrigeration technology is built to ensure effective temperature control in all ambient temperature/humidity environments, no matter your region’s climate
    • Specialty components create a wind and watertight environment, so temperature-controlled air is not compromised, protecting your product and lowering energy consumption
  • Our containers have a 90%+ recyclability rate

Container Types

Our fleet covers all electricity types, sizes, features, geographies, and deployment options.
When you’re preparing for seasonality, expansion, remodels, or other special situations, Portabull cold storage containers can help you transition with ease.

  • Single-Phase Voltage Fleet: small commercial and residential applications

    • Multi-location restaurants, bakeries, food delivery, wineries, breweries, schools, and event groups can meet seasonal demands and smooth product distribution across their network
    • 20ft: W 8′ X H 8’6″ X L 20′, 9 pallet capacity
    • Ground-level access
  • Three-Phase Voltage Fleet: large commercial and industrial applications

    • Large retail, agtech, biotech, healthcare, and industrial organizations can get unmatched capacity and flexibility
    • 20ft: W 8′ X H 8’6″ X L 20′, 9 pallet capacity
    • 40ft: W 8′ X H 9’6″ X L 40′, 20 pallet capacity
    • Ground-level or dock high access
  • Cool-Down Rooms: designed for people

    • Meet your company’s safety requirements for employees and allow an easy access cool-off site with built-in collapsible benches
    • Equipped with emergency alarms, lighting, and glow-in-the-dark handles for safety
    • Perfect for sports teams, oilfield workers, construction sites, or anywhere you need a safe place to cool down
    • 40ft: W 8′ X H 9’6″ X L 40′

Design Features

  • Temporary Units
    • Instead of investing in a permanent refrigeration facility or building a cold storage room, you can opt for a temporary cold storage unit, which is generally more affordable and requires less maintenance
  • Deployment Scalability
    • We can cover short, medium, and long-term contracts with custom pricing, no matter if you need a single unit or require a full-service enterprise-wide fleet solution
  • Our units are secure so your product and investment stays protected
  • Easy transportation
    • Included fork pockets allow you to move units into warehouses or various locations around your site
  • Additional Features
    • Interior lights
    • Safety releases
    • Flat or T-flooring available
    • Specialty doors (get one or both)
      • Person-sized doors that allow for easy in and out access while keeping cold air in
      • Large swing doors so pallet jacks have plenty of room to maneuver
    • Ramps*
      * Denotes additional cost

While some companies consider cold storage a “specialty product” in their list of offerings, here at Portabull, it’s all we do. Whether you’re preparing for a season for scaling for growth, Portabull can offer short-term rentals or tailor a full-service enterprise-wide cold storage program for your specific needs.

Give us a call or fill out a short form, and our experts will take it from there. We’ll talk through your questions, determine the correct specs for your application, and deliver your unit on-site. Contact us now and see why our service and products are unmatched.

On-site solution ... On-time delivery ... On call 24/7!