On-Site Fish Storage Refrigerator

Perishable foods require climate-controlled storage, and at Portabull, we know seafood is especially sensitive to temperature; that’s why so many fisheries trust us for their refrigerated fish storage containers. Our units are the ideal solution for storing fresh and frozen seafood.  Whether used for short or long-term fish storage, our freezer trailers allow you to keep your products fresh and ensure their quality.

  • Prolong Shelf Life: Our fish storage refrigerators can significantly extend the shelf life of fish and seafood, which is particularly important when fisheries need to transport product long distances
  • Temperature Control: Avoid product spoiling when the temperature is too high and affecting the texture and quality when it’s too low. With Portabull units, you can maintain a consistent temperature from -20F – +85F, and all units come with a leak-free guarantee
  • Reduce Bacterial Growth: Our electric cold storage units provide excellent airflow and prevent humidity fluctuations to lessen the risk of foodborne illness and slow the growth of bacteria
  • Stock Management: Whether you can’t increase your operation’s footprint, or your current cold storage warehouse is full, our portable units will save space while providing added storage

Fish Containers Built to Serve Your Needs

We provide fish storage refrigerators in various sizes to suit your exact needs with a number of features to make your job easier:

  • -20 – +85F temperature range with a leak-free guarantee
  • Up-to-the-minute remote location and temperature data on each unit
  • GPS tracking
  • Multiple unit sizes with sleek design and minimal branding
  • Interior lights
  • Easy-open doors
  • Emergency safety releases and alarm system
  • Eco-friendly
  • 24/7 support

Why Work With Portabull Storage?

We serve a broad range of industries, meaning we’re well versed in not only the unique requirements of  fish cold storage for your business, but many other specialty industries as well . Our refrigerated container rentals provide you with the electric storage needed to meet your customer demands. To learn more about what we have to offer, reach out to us today to ask questions or to request a quote.

Learn why Portabull is the expert cold storage partner for fisheries and other applications here.