Cold Pharmacy Storage Trailers For Labs And Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical companies have an immense responsibility to protect the public health. Laboratories and manufacturing facilities often need to have climate-controlled storage to ensure that medications, vaccines, biohazards and organic compounds are kept at the proper temperature to prevent spoilage or contamination.

That’s why Portabull Storage offers portable pharmaceutical storage reefers that can solve capacity concerns. Our pharmacy storage options keep contents at the ideal temperature ranges — even if on-site space is limited.

Fully Equipped for Your Needs

Our range of pharmacy storage solutions come equipped with a wide range of features to address your specific needs. For instance, we offer your choice of electric or diesel pharmaceutical refrigerator units to accommodate the power situation at your facility.

We also carry pharmaceutical freezer trailers in a variety of sizes to fit your particular capacity requirements. Plus, these units include on-board monitoring technology and GPS tracking to help you maintain compliance and prevent theft.

Why Choose Portabull Storage?

We work hard to understand the unique needs of the many industries we serve. Whether you need a structured enterprise-wide solution or are looking for spot pharmacy refrigeration rental unit needs, our representatives will be happy to help you find a unit that suits your situation.

To learn more, request a quote today.