Floral Cooler Rentals
That Help Your Business Bloom

Portabull Cold Storage provides florists and flower vendors the most advanced flower refrigeration units in the nation.

Your floral business depends on the beauty and quality of your flowers. That's why you need:

Precise control
Portabull units can maintain temperatures from -20 to +85 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your flowers crisper and fresher longer.

Simple-to-use equipment
Our floral cooler rentals feature convenient digital push-button controls, making operations easy so you can focus on your flowers.

Easy logistics, fast delivery
All the logistics of delivery and pickup are included in your solution, and you will have your units on-site promptly.

Guard your inventory and solve the problem of expanding cold storage

Protect your perishable flowers and plants using smart and durable portable floral coolers from Portabull Cold Storage. Our portable flower refrigerators help florists easily add extra storage capacity. Running out of space at your current location, experiencing high seasonal demand, or preparing floral arrangements for a large event? For any and all needs, Portabull Cold Storage offers flower cooler rentals that reliably keep your fragile plants within safe temperature ranges.

Fully-featured temperature-controlled flower storage containers

Floral refrigerators from Portabull Cold Storage are all-electric containers that never need fuel, come loaded with features, and cost less to run than traditional diesel options. Available advanced technology like GPS tracking and remote temperature monitoring keep your inventory safe. Let Portabull deliver flower storage fridges that truly give you more peace of mind.

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Portabull Cold Storage takes the hassle and headache out of temporary on-site flower refrigeration:

Guided site preparation
Our team will provide step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your site for a unit, including space and electrical requirements.

Tax deductible expense
Floral refrigerator rental expenses are essential operating expenses for your business, and they are tax deductible.

Nationwide availability
Wherever you are and however many floral coolers you need, you can rely on our national coverage and deep service infrastructure.

We make floral cooler rentals easier for you and your business

Fast delivery options, professional site preparation guidance, included logistics, and 24/7 expert support: these benefits and more make Portabull Cold Storage the easiest company your floral business will ever work with. We provide flexible, reliable refrigeration solutions so your flowers (and your business) can flourish.

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Portabull units work in a variety of industries

Our portable floral storage solutions work for businesses other than flower shops. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, with an emphasis on portability and flexibility, Portabull’s cold storage containers meet a diverse set of needs. Convenient cold storage to keep flowers fresh benefits numerous businesses, including: 

Grocery Stores

Grocers and supermarkets with floral departments need more storage during periods of high demand, such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Adding a portable electric cold storage unit to the property ensures you have the capacity you need to keep up with customers' requests without risk of arrangements losing their freshness. When demand returns to normal, units can be returned so you don't need to commit to permanent installations.


Fresh flowers brighten patients' hospital rooms, making them feel more comfortable and relaxed. They improve well-being and enhance the healing process. Hospital gift shops usually provide fresh floral arrangements for visitors, but are often restricted by inventory space constraints. Placing a Portabull temperature-controlled storage container on-site means your shops can offer a wider selection and keep more inventory close at hand.

Farmers' Markets

Farmers' markets are a great place for florists to set up shop and meet new customers. Unfortunately, being outdoors means weather conditions can take their toll on flowers, especially in the popular (but hot) summer months. That makes walk-in portable cold storage units game-changers. Keep all of your products cool and fresh, ready to delight customers even in the dog days of heat and humidity.

Venues and Festivals

Weddings, conventions, and practically every type of gathering can be enhanced with the look of fresh floral arrangements. Venues and event organizers can benefit from having cold storage on-site so their fresh decorations can be preserved right until the moment of their grand entrance. The flexibility of our portable electric units means we can help even the most unique of events and venues dazzle their guests with beautiful displays.

Why Choose Portabull Cold Storage?

Our flower fridges are backed by 24/7 support and can be deployed nationwide to serve you wherever you are. Portabull provides solutions to a wide range of industries, which means we know exactly what it takes to meet your needs. To get reliable temporary cold storage that’s economical and eco-friendly, request a quote today.

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