20ft. Reefer Container

A 20ft. storage container gives your business flexibility no matter what industry you serve. Whether you can’t increase your site footprint to accommodate additional cold storage or you need a temporary solution for a busy season, these versatile units will simplify your job and protect your product. Our 20-ft. container trucks have a temperature range of –20F – +85F and can be used as freezers, refrigerators, climate-controlled containers, or insulated containers, and are backed with a leak-free guarantee.   

When you need more room to serve your customers, Portabull Storage fully supports you with temperature-controlled 20ft. container rentals. We offer flexible pricing for both small and large businesses. Whether you need a short-term rental or an enterprise-wide solution, we have you covered with the industry’s largest, most reliable, and durable electric fleet.

We have a wide range of 20ft. reefer container options to fit your temperature-sensitive needs. Key features include:

Electric Reefer Containers

  • Easy maintenance with no refueling necessary
  • Leak-free guarantee
  • 24/7 service 
    • Always talk to a live service rep and never have to leave a message
  • Based on national averages, when Portabull electric units replace diesel trailer storage units, our customers experience cost savings of ~55% and a reduction in CO2 emissions of ~70%
    • To learn more about diesel vs electric cold storage containers, click here
    • To see a diesel vs electric cost comparison, click here

20ft. Container Specifications

  • W 8′ X H 8’6” X L 20′
  • Temp range: -20°F to 85°F
  • Storage Capacity: 9 pallets
    • See an in-depth storage capacity spec sheet here
  • Power Options:
    • Single Phase:
      • 208-230V, 45A
    • Three Phase:
      • 208-230V, 60A
        • Transformers available for this option
      • 440-480V, 30A
    • See the electrical requirements needed for your application here
  • Sleek design, professional paint, and minimal branding
  • Swing doors, swing doors with person-sized door (3-2-1 style), or large butcher door option*
  • Ground-level access
  • Interior lights
  • Real-time data on the temperature and location of each container
  • Fork pockets
  • Interior safety release handle
  • Safety alarm
  • Ramps**

*Subject to availability
** Denotes additional cost

Why Choose Portabull Storage?

Our unmatched service is what customers most often comment on and why they return year after year. When you partner with Portabull, you access industry experts who will find the perfect cold storage solution for you and provide reliable support throughout the process. Our goal is to be the easiest company your business with. Learn more about why we’re the preferred partner across industries or request a quote here.

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