Bakery Refrigeration Solutions for Rent

Portabull Handles Cold Storage Logistics for Bakeries from Start to Finish with One Goal: To Make Your Job Easier

Your bakery wants to provide the highest quality products to customers while extending shelf life, controlling the staling of baked goods, and stopping bacteria and pathogen growth, all while maintaining profitability.

However, many bakeries need more room for temperature-controlled storage. If your current cold storage solution, or lack thereof, limits your business, you can’t meet your profit goals and deploy your valuable cash flow for reinvestment in your bakery. Our portable cold storage for bakery products and included service allow you to maximize space without increasing your site footprint or help prepare your bakery for seasonal demand, and we offer long or short-term affordable leasing options. At Portabull, we take on your cold storage logistics from start to finish, including 24/7 live expert support, so you can get back to doing what you love, baking profitably.

Extending the Shelf Life of Your Baked Goods

The number one recommendation across industry publications for prolonging the shelf life of bread, pastries, and baked goods is freezing. Portabull’s expertise and sole focus is cold storage, and we have your perfect solution with freezers for bakeries with a temp range of -20F – +85F.

  • Store ingredients, dough, or finished baked goods
  • Halt chemical reactions and prevent starch from recrystallizing after baking
  • Stop microbial growth and mold
  • Maintain flavor and original quality
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of synthetic preservatives
  • Control crust and crumb staling
  • Keep baked products looking good for longer

Sustainable Bakery Refrigeration Services

Whether you’re trying to build a sustainable kitchen from scratch, your direct consumers want to buy from an eco-friendly business, or your vendors want to partner with bakeries focused on reducing energy use. Portabull units make refrigerating or freezing baked goods more efficient than ever.

  • Keep dough, pastries, and baked goods at optimal temperatures while maintaining low refrigeration costs and reducing air leakage
    • Portabull units come with a leak-free guarantee
  • Our electric reefers for bakeries reduce your environmental impact when compared to diesel refrigeration units:
    • Based on national averages, when Portabull units replace diesel cold storage units, customers experience cost savings of ~63% and a reduction in CO2 emissions of ~70%.
    • When Portabull electric units replace diesel, carcinogens in the atmosphere are reduced from diesel exhaust, which the Environmental Defense Fund says contributes to more than 75% of added cancer risk in the US
    • See how much you could save by switching to electric cold storage here

At Portabull, we stand behind our electric refrigeration and freezer units’ efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. We specialize in electric reefers, some of the top eco-friendly and cost-effective portable bakery refrigeration units for rent. Our electric reefers for bakeries are cost-effective, efficient, and better for the environment.

“Great company to work with, excellent customer service, and they stand by their units. Thanks for the partnership over the years!”

Operations Lead at Whole Foods

Maximize Your Bakery’s Potential

We love seeing bakeries thrive and are proud that our bakery refrigeration equipment for rent has played a role in numerous successful expansions. Our Portabull team is committed to providing flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable refrigeration and freezer units that help bakeries achieve their goals.

Key features include:

  • -20°F to 85°F temperature range
  • 24/7 Support
    • Always talk to a live service rep, and never leave a voicemail
  • Leak-free guarantee
  • Remote temperature and GPS monitoring
  • Swing doors, swing doors with person-sized door (3-2-1 style), or large butcher door option*
  • Flat or T-floors
    • Flat floors are recommended if you’re using baking racks or temporary shelving so the legs don’t get stuck
  • Interior lights, safety alarm, and safety release handle
  • Ground or dock-high access
  • Fork Pockets
  • Ramps**

*Subject to availability
** Denotes additional cost

Portable Refrigeration Across Industries

Our portable refrigerated units for bakeries extend their benefits across various industries, including the following:

  • Restaurants – Ensuring the safe transportation and storage of prepared food items at precise temperatures for restaurants
  • Grocery Stores – Offering refrigerated storage for food items, preserving their quality and integrity
  • Food & Bev – Assisting food and beverage companies with transportation and temporary storage, especially those requiring refrigeration

Reach Your Goals When You Partner With Portabull

At Portabull, our sales and operations teams exclusively focus on electric cold storage; it’s not just another line of our business; cold storage is our business. We believe bakeries should have access to flexible, affordable cold storage options that help achieve your goals, whether that’s more storage or less. That’s why our units are portable and temporary, with affordable short or long-term leasing options.

Our unmatched customer service is what we most often get comments on and why customers across industries return to us repeatedly. When you choose us, you partner with the experts in electric cold storage and a team committed to solutions that generate success for your bakery.

Request a quote now; our experts will help you choose the best cold storage container for your application. We’ll ensure your site is prepped before we deliver and back your unit with a leak-free guarantee and 24/7 live expert support.

On-site solution ... On-time delivery ... On call 24/7!