10ft. Electric Cold Storage Reefer Container

Place these convenient, portable 10ft. units anywhere at any site to instantly add affordable cold storage.

Walk-In Coolers: 10ft Electric Refrigerated & Freezer Container

If your site is small, crowded, or both, take advantage of the ultimate portability of these 10' cold storage containers, which can fit almost anywhere while storing plenty of inventory. Available in multiple door configurations — either 3/2/1 swing doors or a single butcher door — our 10' units make perfect walk-in freezers.

Use Portabull 10' electric reefer containers to add extra cold storage capacity during busy seasons, or to supplement permanent on-site storage during repairs and remodels. Their convenient size makes them ideal for events, festivals, and other temporary needs. No matter how you choose to utilize our 10' cold storage boxes, you can trust you've chosen the most affordable and reliable cold storage solution.

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10' Cold Storage Containers At-A-Glance:

Dimensions (LxWxH)
10'x8'x9'6" (Exterior) 7'8"x7'4"x8'4" (Interior)

Single-Phase, 200V/45A

Door Configurations
3/2/1 swing doors; single butcher door

Interior Capacity
~460 cu. ft.; 3-4 pallets

Temperature Set Point Range
-40F to +68F

Safety and Convenience
Flat or t-floors; fork pockets; safety alarms; interior lights

Electric cold storage containers from Portabull help:

Save money
Operating costs up to 80% lower than diesel cold storage

Reduce waste
No fuel required, and 60-70% fewer carbon emissions

Preserve peace of mind
100% leak-free guarantee and 24/7 expert support

Make your life easier
All maintenance and logistics are included with your rent

Appreciate the speedy service. Service was A+ throughout.

Charles Dertinger, Operations Lead at H-E-B

Cutting-edge technology for the most advanced cold storage

Powered by state-of-the-art Carrier® compressor technology, all Portabull electric reefer units feature non-ozone-depleting refrigerants, improved airflow, automatic defrosting, and use a lighter motor coupled with an optimized fan for extra-efficient operation. Unlike traditional diesel refrigerated truck rentals, Portabull electric cold storage containers emit a fraction of the carbon waste, and cost 60-80% less to operate. Not only will your business save money and increase revenue by using temporary on-site cold storage solutions from Portabull, you will also be contributing to a cleaner environment for everyone. 

To learn more about our 10′ cold storage containers, download the spec sheet now:

Why Should You Choose Portabull Cold Storage?

With nationwide service, we are your one-stop shop for walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. No matter how many on-site climate controlled storage containers you need or how many sites you need to cover, our fleet and service experts will be there for you. Thanks to our included logistics, free maintenance, predictable pricing, and 24/7 support, we are the easiest company you’ll ever do business with.