Ice Storage Trailer

Whether you’re an ice company with a surplus of product or need portable ice storage for your site or event, Portabull Storage has you covered. We can provide ice storage trailers that offer climate-controlled storage solutions that can address your needs.

Serving Ice Manufacturers

Companies that produce ice often need to store large quantities of it before it is delivered to retailers, convenience stores and other commercial entities that need it. Whether at the production facility or a regional distribution center, having additional ice cube cold storage can mean the difference between profitability and wasted resources. Our mobile reefers give these businesses the flexibility they need to continue serving their customers.

Perfect for On-the-Spot Cold Storage

Large events such as festivals or concerts usually need to keep bagged ice handy for beverages. In addition, emergency response operations typically require ice to keep perishables cold in the event of power outages. Our ice storage containers can serve both these functions, capable of being deployed quickly and easily to the location where they are needed. We have diesel-powered units that enable cold storage even when there is no immediate access to the electrical grid.

Fully Featured for Your Needs

Our ice-cold storage options come equipped with a number of features to make them especially useful. These include on-board telematics so they can be tracked on the road and provide remote temperature monitoring. They also feature secure swing and roll-up door options as well as ground-level or dock-level loading capabilities.